Return Policy

Lytron’s Non-Warranty Return Policy

1. No returns will be accepted or credited without a return material authorization (RMA). Permission to return material plus shipping instructions must be secured from the factory offices of Lytron, Inc. before returning any material. You can use the form on our website to request an RMA and email it to or fax it to +1-781-935-4529 or call our service department at +1-781-933-7300. If you call our service department, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your Company name
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Contact person
  • Phone /fax number
  • E-mail address
  • Part/model number of item to be returned
  • Serial/lot number of item to be returned
  • Purchase order number / billing information, and specific requirements such as quality codes, source inspection etc. must be clearly defined in advance

2. An RMA for a non-warranty return must be requested with 30 days of original shipment from Lytron and the product must be received by Lytron within 14 days of issuing the RMA. All returns must be unused, in new condition, and of standard manufacture. Non-warranty returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee. If the product has been used, you will be charged a disposal fee of $100 for cold plates and heat exchangers and $350 for a systems or system spare parts. Non-warranty credits will be subject to Lytron’s inspection of the return product.

3. All authorized return shipments must be made as directed by Lytron and with transportation charges prepaid to point of origin of our shipment unless instructed otherwise. Please mark the package as instructed by Lytron service personnel. Shipments of material returned without authorization or not prepaid are subject to refusal and immediate return to shipper. All items must be returned in the original packaging. Shipments should be insured for the full replacement value. Lytron is not responsible for shipping damage.

4. Your account or original credit card will be credited. Do not issue a debit memo for the return.

5. Lytron’s warranty: Lytron agrees that the apparatus manufactured by it will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period under normal use and service and when properly installed. The warranty period for Kodiak® standard, RM, and XL recirculating chillers is two years from date of shipment of such apparatus to the original purchaser, maintenance items excluded, and one year from date of shipment of such apparatus to the original purchaser for all other products Lytron sells. Lytron’s obligation under this agreement is limited solely to repair or replacement, at its option, at its factories, of any part or parts thereof, returned to Lytron with transportation charges prepaid, which examination shall disclose to Lytron’s satisfaction to have been defective. THE FOREGOING EXPRESS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. LYTRON’S OBLIGATION UNDER THIS WARRANTY IS STRICTLY AND EXCLUSIVELY LIMITED TO THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF DEFECTIVE COMPONENT PARTS AND LYTRON DOES NOT ASSUME OR AUTHORIZE ANYONE TO ASSUME FOR IT ANY OTHER OBLIGATION. LYTRON ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR OTHER DAMAGES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, LOSS OF PROFITS OR REVENUE, LOSS OF THE UNIT, LOSS OF TIME, OR INCONVENIENCE. Lytron’s liability does not include any labor charges for replacement of parts, adjustments, repairs, or any other work done outside its factories or service centers and its liability does not include any resulting damage to persons, property, equipment, goods or merchandise arising out of any defect in or failure of its apparatus. Lytron’s obligation to repair or replace shall not apply to any apparatus which shall have been repaired or altered outside of its factory or service centers in any way, or which has been subject to negligence, to misuse, or to pressures in excess of stated limits. On parts not of Lytron’s manufacture, such as motors, controls, etc., Lytron extends only those warranties given to Lytron, Inc. to the extent Lytron can do so. Lytron’s agreement hereunder runs only to the immediate purchaser from Lytron, Inc. and does not extend, expressly or by implication, to any other person.

Form F7.02.51A 3/22/13